Bridal Looks for 2019

Vintage Make up


This Vintage Look is proving popular this year! Retro is back in! Create this look with a dewy complexion, Smoking Hot Red lip, a bronzed eyeshadow with a flicked black eyeliner. Finish with a soft rose blush on the cheek bones. Compatible Lash: CHARLOTTE Why? The ‘Charlotte’ is a graduated lash which blends Perfectly with this look.

Glam Make up


This Glam look is Created with a heavy smokey eye using eyeshadows in Black, greys with a shimmery white eyeshadow highlighting the brow bone. Full Foundation again with a dewy glow, a strong highlight and contour with a nude lip. Compatible Lash: BROOKLYN or SAMANTHA Why? These two lashes are our biggest and boldest, They work perfectly with a strong eye look and frame the eye beautifully.

Fashion make up


We love this look! Create this look using a silver shimmer shadow with a dark purple and rustic red colour on top with a strong black eyeliner. Contour the nose and cheek bones and use a strong highlight. Finish with a Pink lip and touch of gloss. Compatible Lash: LILLY or HONEY Why? Lilly is a beautiful flicky lash that will work beautifully with this look, If you want a more thicker lash go for Honey.

Fresh Faced Make up


This is a ‘go to’ Bridal look. Create this soft look using a brown eyeshadow, a small flicked eyeliner and foundation in a matte light coverage. Finish with a soft rose blush and a pale pink or nude lip and a touch of gloss. Compatible Lash: JANE or MIRANDA Why? Jane is our most natural lash and so works perfect with a fresh faced natural look, Miranda is a bit more Glam With a layered length and striking look yet not to full on.

Golden Glam Make up


Go for Gold with this Glam look. Created using a Dewy foundation. Add a Gold Shadow to the eyes with a gold glitter on top. Smoke out with a brown and black to create the smokey eye effect. Finish with a Hot Red lip and touch of blush, highlight and contour. Compatible Lash: PRINCESS Why? Princess is a full on lash double layered and flicky, Which would perfectly blend with this go for gold look.